06 Tools you must-have for SEO Audit in 2020

06 Tools you must-have for SEO Audit in 2020


I have heard from most people that how can we properly Audit our Website after it’s done?

Here are a few tools that I would like to recommend to use because they have helped us a lot.

Before we even begin, don’t forget to index your site on Google through Search Console. When it’s done, you can move towards using SEO Audit tools.

After indexing your site, install Google Tag Manager to install every Tag on your website without the developer’s need.

In this blog, I will only guide you about free tools for search engine optimization audit and some chrome extensions that can help you know your website’s issue.

SEO Audit Tools:

  1. UberSuggest
  2. Alexa Rank:
  3. Woorank
  4. SEO Quake
  5. Similar Web
  6. Majestic SEO


Let’s walk you through how these tools work and how it’s beneficial for your business.

  1. UberSuggest


I suggest this tool because it’s elementary and easy to use, and it gives detailed information about your site speed, top keywords, competitor keywords, etc.

You can thoroughly go through this report and see if your site needs improvement or not.

Also, go through site error, which helps you assess the top SEO issues that your site has, and then you can give this report to your developer to solve the issues.

Another important thing that you will be able asses in ubersuggest is the site speed.

This will tell you if your site is up to Google’s mark or not.




We all know how important backlinks are for any business, but what if they spammy! Don’t let them ruin your image….!

If you have spammy links, you can go to the ubersuggest backlinks tab and then see if your links are valid or not.

If they seem spammy, Google has the option to disavow these links.

I won’t explain how to disavow links in this article but on the coming ones.


  1. Alexa Rank:

The good thing about this tool is that it also has a chrome extension that I normally use.

It also has a paid version for those who can afford to use it.

Alexa rank prived you a detailed report of how your web traffic is performing.

It includes:

  • Website traffic worldwide.
  • Website traffic in your home town.
  • The geographic location of your users.
  • Site Metrics


The report above is from Alexa.com to show how you can improve your website score using this tool.


  1. Woorank

Like Alexa rank, it also has a chrome extension that I would suggest you install to monitor your website to stay ahead continuously.

If you are a single owner, Agency, or large business, this tool is the one that you must try.

You will be thinking, why should I use this tool? Using woorank, you can see your on-page SEO score, backlinks, off-page SEO, Content Analysis, Schema.org report. Also, locate your pages that need improvements.

After having a close look at the errors report, woorank proved you would be able to easily correct your web errors because it gives an in-depth analysis of your issues such as “H1 Tag” is missing and on which blog or page. This allows us to correct our website issues, and this tool is free,

Also, valuable on chrome. 

It also offers free and paid versions, and we can download audit reports in PDF format. The Woorank reports are easy to understand, and SEO consultants can easily fix the website issues.

If you wonder how the other tools that I mentioned above can help your business or are there any other tools for auditing your website, yes, there are plenty.


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