Researching Long-tail Keywords: Why are they Important?

Researching Long-tail Keywords: Why are they Important?


Let’s not directly jump on how you can research long-tail keywords. Before that, I would like you to know what they are and why they are important these days?

First, most of us are confused about what long-tail keywords are. To explain it, I will give you an example, whenever you research a keyword from any platform, you feel like using that keyword and use that keyword as a question you ask your friend.

I will make it simple: “Marketing Blogs” is a keyword that is in high volume but low competition, and you will use it in your blog or headings. Ask yourself a question that you will ask google about this phrase, for instance: “What are top Marketing blog sites.” The full sentence that makes sense is called a long-tail keyword.

This was to explain what long-tail keywords are, but if you want to add them to your blog, don’t ask yourself, ask Quora, Google, Answermypublic, or UberSuggest!

You may be thinking that we don’t have any search volume for this long keyword, but that fine due to so much completion. It’s not easy for those small key phrases. Using long keywords will allow you to rank up the ladder easily.

Also, I would like to hight its importance in voice SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Its new type of SEO is popular these days.

The long-phrase that we used before is very helpful in Mobile SEO or voice search.

As you all know nowadays, most of us use voice search on Google to find anything we want because it’s easy!

So, when searching on mobile, we don’t say “Marketing Blogs”; we as humans use full sentences when we speak like “What are top Marketing Blogs Sites.”


Now you know why I emphasize most long-tail keywords used in blogs and Voice SEO.

Voice search is a new topic that I will thoroughly explain to you in my upcoming blogs. Stay tuned!

You all are wondering what do we need to do if we want to research long-tail keywords. I want to stress too much on this blog’s research tools as I have written a blog in detail for research keywords.

But anyway, some other tools that you should use for researching your long-tail keywords are:

Google Search: Whenever you search a keyword on Google, it shows you Questions/Rich snippets. Those are the turning points for you to use, write blogs on them, and use those questions as your long-tail keywords. Please don’t copy them but use them as a reference.



Long-tail keywords are key to start ranking your website to the top. As we all know, there are hundreds of websites on the internet, and it’s not that easy to rank them to the top…..

By using keywords that make more sense will get you in the game.

Most of us now use voice search for searching our favourite places on the internet. That is the reason long-tail keywords are being so popular on the internet.

So, try to focus more on long-tail keywords rather than simple 2 or 3 words to keep up with Google standards.

If you are still confused and need our help, do comment below, and we will try to answer each query you have.