What are the Keyword Research Tools & Techniques-Advance Guide

What are the Keyword Research Tools & Techniques-Advance Guide (2020)



The one question that is very important to address here is why keyword research is important what benefit does it give to my web presence.

The answer is straightforward. Just take an example of a website that you are using, and it has no keywords. When someone is trying to find you on Google, the first thing they type is a keyword, and you don’t have it! It means that you are not visible to them; thus, they will find another company that they can easily find. 

The point I’m trying to make here your website will not give you anything if you don’t have keywords linked to it. 

Now that I have made my point clear, you will be wondering what you should do to add keywords, and also, some people think it’s challenging might take a lot of time and money lets focus on traditional marketing methods. 

It’s effortless and easy. Using different tools and techniques digitally, you can find various keywords to build a top-performing keywords list. 


So, I don’t want to waste time; let’s start building a great Keyword list. 


  1.   Ubbersuggest


One of the tools that I like most provides you with a keywords research tool but helps find the top-performing content on the web.


It also provides us with high SEO difficulty keywords and low SEO difficulty keywords, which can help us find the best keyword to rank for.


2.  Google Keywords Planner


When talking about keyword planner, it’s an easy tool by Google and provides you with the best keywords ranking at the top. Another amazing feature that it has is it gives you low and high ranking keywords. The only hassle you have to take is using low performing keywords to start ranking on the top. Don’t use high-level keywords because it will take a lot more time than it might take on low performing keywords.


3.  Answer My Public


This tool is amazing; it has helped me in a lot of things! One thing that I missed in the begging is going to be addressed here that we need to start working on long-tail keywords, which can be easily found here.

So, what are long-tail keywords? Remember one thing whenever you are researching for keywords. A long-tail keyword is a question you ask for anyone; for instance, “SEO agency” doesn’t mean anything, but when I ask someone a question, “which is the best agency for SEO,” That is a long-tail keyword.

When you add a keyword, Answer my public will provide you with long-tail keywords. How simple and easy is that!


4. Quora


Very few of you know about Quora as a keyword research tool. People use Quora as a question-answer platform, and this can be helpful in 2 ways one, you can find the question that people are asking for, and the other is it can help research blog topics that are popular.



There are many other ways to find keywords best for your blog, but these three tools worked for me.

If you want to know about some other tools that can be used to find keywords for your website or your blog, comment below.

In our next blogs, I will be adding more tools that can be helpful for you. Do you know any Keyword research tools that I missed?