Setting Up Google Ads Account (Easy Guide)-2020

Setting Up Google Ads Account (Easy Guide)-2020



I am sure you have already heard of Google Ads. Often businesses do use it to promote their businesses online. Mostly, people are afraid to use it on their own.

There are a few things that everyone should keep in mind before starting your own ads campaign, and you are good to go!

In our next few steps, I will guide you step by step on how and what you need to do to build a successful ad campaign.

From researching your audience to finding suitable keywords, all of it comes under Google ads, but it’s not as simple as it’s to say!



Having a brand without any digital presence…… I can’t even think of that!

But if you agree that a brand, especially now that every business is talking about transforming their business digitally, is important.

What comes next is how?

Google ads are a solution that comes afterwards.

You have established a digital presence, but what about ads are you trying to go through traditionally?

I think that’s expensive.

That’s why I prefer digital advertisements. They are more targeted and also costs less.

Let’s start building a campaign to know what needs to be done to build a profitable campaign.

I have added a full Google ads structure for you:


Sign up:

If you already have a Google account, that’s best, but for those who don’t, sign up for it and move towards the next step.

Create Campaign:

Now that you have signed up for a google ads account let’s build a new campaign. Before starting, lets me guide you. There are many types of campaigns that are for various purposes; therefore, don’t be confused. Not every campaign is for you.

Having a clear insight into your campaign goal is very crucial; otherwise, you may face a huge loss of money and your time.

When you sign up, here how your dashboard will look like:

Start your new campaign by clicking “New Campaign.” After that, you will be directed towards campaign types.

As you can see, 6 campaign types from which you can select, such as sales, leads, web traffic, product and brand awareness, and brand awareness.

Choose your campaign type with existing templates or create a new one. It all depends on your needs.


Bid Strategy:

Another important thing that you don’t want to miss is the bid strategy. Whether you want impressions or CTR, choose it wisely depending on their expected to get.


Ad Group:

After you are done creating an ad campaign, you will be directed towards creating an ad group. Ads groups can more than one in each campaign. Furthermore, having more than 1 ad group in each campaign can help you test various keywords and see what works best for your campaign, referred to as A/B testing.


Add Extension:

Adding extensions on your search ads helps users go directly to the page you want them to go to rather than going through all your website and missing out on the main goal.



Keywords/ Negative Keywords:

After you have made a full structure for your campaign, don’t miss the keyword research aspect in your ad campaign!

You can find various tools to do that, but first, you can use Google keywords Planner for researching Keywords for your campaign. And secondly, A tool that I like is Keywords it’s a free tool that can instantly help you find keywords for your ads campaign instantly.

Don’t forget to use low competition keywords with high search volume.

After you have finalized your keywords, upload them to your campaign directly.

Negative keywords are those keywords that you want to be searched for. For instance, Cheap shoes if you are selling expensive shoes.


Launch Campaign:

Finally, now launch your Google ads campaign and add your budget by clicking the tools section, and then settings add your payment method, and you are good for the launch!




Using Google Ads can help your brand build credibility at a low cost.

Many businesses still only use traditional marketing tools, but I prefer using digital marketing platforms if you ask me.

Obviously, you cannot fully eliminate traditional platforms but can minimize them.