Video Marketing as a Business Development Strategy (2020)

Video Marketing as a Business Development Strategy (2020)


As we already know, due to COVID-19, all of our marketing dynamics have changed. So, maybe previously ignoring video marketing didn’t get you in trouble, but that is no longer the case.  

Covid-19 has forced us to adapt to video marketing for those who are not ready for this should or higher others do it. According to statistics, in 2022, almost 82% of marketing will be through video, and still, we hold back! Another exciting news for marketers is that more than 80% of consumers have started using the internet, so why not you?


Here a question might arise we are already doing good. Why should we start doing video marketing on digital platforms? These are some stats by “Clickz” that can help you in changing your mind.


According to 2020 statistics, almost 78% of our consumers watch videos every week, and 55% watch videos every day. Furthermore, 72% of viewers like to learn through videos!

Now, what are the industries that can gain from all these interesting changes that this pandemic has brought on us? Maybe all of them because for those industries, we always thought they can’t go online or weren’t ready to go online are forced to go online now.

Now that many industries are struggling to adapt to these circumstances like universities and teachers because of their not being ready many tools can help them start teaching online.

So, the question that here arises is, “How can we start video marketing?”

There are a few simple steps that you need to take before even going that way…

Do you need to go online? That is the question that we don’t ask much ourselves…

Do you know why?

It’s because we don’t want to judge ourselves…..

I have seen many businesses that aren’t ready but trying to go it, although that’s fine because when you are trying to implement new stuff, it’s hard.

You need to know whether that’s worth it or not, and secondly, is your staff trained enough or not to use those tools.


If your answer is no, give them the training they need to use those tools.

After you have tested these tools internally, go for external training or video conferences, so you don’t make many mistakes publically.

Follow these steps before going into video marketing:


Understand your Audience: 


Before building your marketing strategies, focus on researching your niche. If you make a campaign for everyone, you will land nowhere. 

So, what can be done here is that make your campaigns specifically for your audience by researching their likes and dislikes. This can be done by sending surveys and asking questions.


Define Objectives:


Before even knowing your audience, a question will be asked from you why do you want all this? Just for fun! No, not at all. We want to build our brand as a credible one.

Find out the objective behind the video you are trying to make, and you will get the right amount of traffic you require.


Write Creative Headline:


Only recording a video is never enough. The first thing that a viewer will look at is your headline.

Multiple tools can help you write proper headlines:

  1. CoSchedule
  2. Aminstitute


Analyze your video:


Not only the website needs analytics monitoring but a video too. After your video is ready and being played on social media and other platforms, what is missing here, whether they are performing better or not?

Track your video by A/B testing. If you are using Facebook, it gives you an option for testing. Also, YouTube can be used for tracking your video’s performance. 

Try and try until you finally figure out which video is performing better.