Getting to know Google Search Console-An Easy Guide

Getting to know Google Search Console-An Easy Guide


Search Engine Optimization is not as difficult as we think it!

In our previous blogs, we have thoroughly explained how you can find keywords for SEO and the tools to build a better SEO strategy for your business.

One tool that I would like to explain to you that is a must for getting your traffic pumped up is Google Search Console.

This Tool helps you understand how Google sees your site, what issues your site has, and what pages are performing better.

Let’s go through this tool step by step to know how it can help your business.

Add your Website:

First, your need to link your site to Google Search Console, so it recognizes your website, and then we can move forward.

After you have entered your website domain, you will be asked to verify your site. Copy the code on your website as described, or you have an option if you are using WordPress. Install a plugin called “Site Kit,” it will automatically install the Search console for you.


Index your Site:

Now what you need to do is add your Site map. If you are using WordPress, you can easily install the Yoast SEO Plugin, and it will give an XML Sitemap. Use that link and copy on the tab below.

After clicking the general’s tab, you can go to the features sections and use the XML sitemap option to get the link.

Once you have the link, go to the Google search console and add the link.

The next step is to start monitoring your web performance. It takes some time to show your website data, but you will see this dashboard.


You can see many tabs such as performance, URL Inspection, Coverage, and many more On your left.

I don’t have time to explain everything in this blog, but I will try to explain each step in detail in my upcoming blogs.

On your overview tab, you can view your errors that need improvements. This will help you correct the errors, and eventually, your site’s search ranking will improve.

It also has the option to inspect your URLs. If somehow you think your page isn’t ranked on Google, you use that link to inspect and link your missing page on Google Search.


Lastly, an interesting thing that you should use is the search queries section in Google Search Console.

Maybe you are familiar with it, but what you can do is use these single keywords and try to search for long-tail variations for them and add them to your blogs.

It would help if you used LSI keywords to be clear LSI keywords are similar words to your keywords that can be used to rank your blog to the top.

LSI keywords are a new concept used to increase your search ranking as there are hundreds of blogs out there that are trying to be on top of Google search, but not everyone can……

So LSI keywords are used for these purposes.

There is a website that I use and can also help you LSI-graph.

Use these queries in your keyword research strategy. Implement these queries into your blogs and website etc.

Also, you can view what pages are ranking better and adjust your week pages accordingly.




Please don’t ignore the Google search console in your SEO process, as it is one of the great tools that can help you know where you lack and what your strength is.

A clear performance assessment report can be viewed there.

Also, it belongs to Google, so the keyword ideas and the errors on your mobile or desktop pages, etc., are accurate.

These strategies will help you increase your web traffic in no time.