How to Generate Content Ideas-Top 04 Hacks

How to Generate Content Ideas-Top 04 Hacks


In my previous blogs, I have been mentioning keyword research methods and tools that can be used to improve your business rankings on Google.

The things that I will explain to you in this blog are very crucial because many people wonder why they are not thinking of enough ideas for their next blog.

No need to worry about that. We all face these issues. The exciting thing about this is many tools can be used to find content suggestions with the level of engagement or attraction that content is getting.

So, the question is, do these methods work? Yes, they are. These content ideas generation tools provide you with the right amount of knowledge you need to know whether the topic you want right on is effective or not.

Before I explain how you can generate unlimited content ideas for free, I would like to mention free tools to generate your blog titles.

Why titles are important is a separate debate, I will explain that in my next blogs.


SEP Professor-Tittle Generator:

This tool will help you find some attractive titles for your blog.

It’s a simple and easy tool that can help you in researching catchy blog suggestions.

Blog title generator allows you to choose which industry, location, brand, event, or product your keyword relates to. This will help you to find the best keywords for your niche.

Now moving towards the main topic, these are the best tools that you will need to get unlimited ideas for your blogs.


Buzz Sumo:

As you can see in the image below, it is so simple why buzz sumo is an effective tool

2 content types are available on Buzz Sumo:

  1. Web
  2. Youtube

We all know how important is YouTube for promoting our content. Buzz sumo has introduced a feature for all of those interested in knowing what content performs better. Add-in keywords that relate to your video and assess the videos that rank higher to better your video content.


Also, It provides you with the topics along with the social shares it has so that you can easily know if that topic is worth writing or not.


Uber Suggest:


The second tool that is highly effective is ubersuggest. It is not only limited to content ideas but so many other things.

As we are discussing only content ideas for your blog so we will not go into that.

Head over to uber suggest enter the keyword that you want to write your blog on, and then you will get the content suggestions you are looking for.

For instance, you are looking for SEO blog topics but don’t what to write, type in the keyword SEO in ubersuggest and see the magic.

After that, you will find relevant blogs related to your keyword and then what you need to do is find out what topic is most shared…..

Try to write on that topic but keep it though and find out what is missing on that topic to differentiate your content from the one already written.



Lastly, Quora is also an excellent tool to find suggestions for your blog because it asks questions.

People ask questions that they are unable to find answers to elsewhere.

That’s an advantage for content writers. Let’s not miss this easy content suggestion tool.


Google Auto Suggestions:

Let’s keep it simple I am assuming that you want to write about “getting content ideas online” what you need to do is go to Google search and write the keyword and what you see here are the ideas for your keyword.

If you have chrome extensions installed that guide you about the volume of that keyword, such as “Keyword surfer,” you can easily find out the search volume for that particular topic.

This will help you know whether your blog will rank better or not.

Another thing that you need to keep your eye on is these questions you find on google search. They also are best to get ideas for your next blog.



Sometimes we all get stuck on what topic we should write next, but I think we should not.

There are plenty of resources available on the internet that help people like on these issues.

Some of them are mentioned above.

This will allow you to get backlinks from that person, not a must. He may link to your blog too……