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03 Sites you must have for Guest Posting


Let’s say guest posting does not give you anything upfront. We all know that.

But still, what is the reason businesses go for it?

The reason behind it is building authority to your content is very important to build your credibility on Google Search.

For example, I am a blogger, and my blogs are posted on Hubspot or Forbes. People will see my blog website as a credible source, and my organic traffic will increase.

Let’s take another example. I have started a new blog site that does have that much Domain authority. Then what? How should I go about it….. That’s where guest posting comes into place.

So, what you need to do here is try to find relevant bloggers or guest posting sites that allow bloggers to contribute.


  1. Improve your web traffic.
  2. Build links.
  3. Improves brand image.
  4. Network with the right people.

And another thing that you need to know is no business can run alone. Guest posting will help build links with other businesses or bloggers that can build you links that can help you grow.

So, what are some relevant sites that you can post on?

  1. Mashable:

Mashable was founded in 2005 and had a domain ranking of 93 out of 100.

It is one of the best sources to look for social media news.

So, what you can do to submit your blog on Mashable is log in to the mashable submit news section.


Fill out the information on the form. Mashable’s team will reply after reviewing your blog.


  1. Social Media Today:

Social Media Today is also one of the platforms that can help you gain a lot of traction towards your business.


It has a domain score of 90/100.


If you want to submit your blog on Social Media Today, you need to fill the form as you did for Mashable, but in this, they ask for multiple blogs from you to consider you for guest posting on their site.


Login on to Social Media Today and click become a contributor, and fill the form.



  1. Feedspot:


Now coming to Feedspot, before going deep into that, I will try to explain why this platform is good for building your brand awareness.


It has a domain score of 87/100, and its monthly traffic is about 1.2m per month.


Also, what I like most about this website is that it not only allows you to submit your blogs but also your YouTube channels.


So, Let’s discuss the most important thing that I would like all of you to know because it has a list of “Top 200 Marketing blogs List” If you want to build a strong brand, this is a place you can focus on.


It’s so simple just login to the Feedspot Top 200 marketing Blogs list and clicks Submit.


Now their experts will review your website and give feedback accordingly.



In the end, I would try to focus on posting on high domain authority sites so that your public image and authority improves.

Moreover, these sites that I listed above are one of them and can help you increase your brand’s PR, and thus your website traffic can improve.

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