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14 Marketing tools for social media marketing-To boost your digital growth in 2021


Sometimes, many of us are frustrated due to not knowing which tool is good for marketing our products and what tool is out there that can be used to outperform our competitors.

Are they important enough?

Yes! Because these tools can give a boost to your business.

However, all of these tools might not relate to you, but most of these tools are good for digital growth.

In this blog, I’m going to guide some tools that are best for marketing purposes.

Let’s begin.


Graphic Design Tools: –

In this blog, I will brief you on how you can create wonderful designs for your product or service for free using the tools given below.


  1. Canva


The first tool that most of us know about is canva. This tool is trendy among most of us, and I don’t want to write too much about it.


Not all bloggers are designers, so what should we do?


Using Photoshop or illustrator is not easy, and it’s time taking. Canva has already made a template for designs and videos that can be used to create social media posts.


There are some paid options in canva that you can use if you want, but free templates are good enough.


Some popular options in this tool are as follow:

  1. Instagram post designs
  2. Video templates
  3. Pinterest post designs



  1. Adobe Spark


Adobe spark is similar to canva but has more flexibility.


If you want to use paid tools, then adobe spark can be a good option for you.


Also, adobe spark has way more video templates and an easy-to-use interface that can help you build wonderful branding videos in a minute.


Whether you have a product or service, spark is the best.



Content Idea Generation Tools: –

  1. Buzz Sumo


Buzz Sumo is a paid tool, but they provide you with some free searches for content in a day, but if there is a need to do more research, then paid option is also available.


It is a tool that I think is best if you don’t have any more content ideas.


This is a common issue that bloggers/content creators face.


So, what can we do to overcome that problem?


Buzz sumo gives an option to search a keyword that you are planning to write content on, and then you will find multiple blogs that others have written along with the total social media shares that it has.


To find the best content idea, write the blog with most shares, and add something that other blog doesn’t have to have more reach.


It also has a tool to find relevant influencers for your brand. This can help you hire many influencers you want to use to promote your brand.



  1. Uber Suggest



Ubersuggest is a great tool that has many options that can be used to improve our web performance.


Whether you are looking to get your SEO report or know-how of your website’s backlinks, ubersuggest can give you all that information.


If you are stuck and don’t know how to get more ideas for your blog, try finding new content ideas and how many people have shared this blog.



  1. Answerthepublic


Many people still don’t know how important long-tail keywords are.


Let me give you a quick brief of what that is.


Long-tail keywords are sentences that make sense, such as “what are the best marketing blog sites.”


Due to a lot of competition, it isn’t easy to get your website to the top.


So, to overcome that, using long-tail key phrases can help.


You might say, how come this can help you get content ideas?


The keywords you will find are the questions that people are looking for on the internet. These questions can be used as a blog idea.


  1. Quora


Quora is a question and answer website.


Whatever you have in your mind, ask them on quora.


If you want to find an idea about your blog, go login to quora and add a keyword for your blog. That will give you many questions about that topic; find the topic that most people upvote.





Headline Generation Tools: –

  1. Title generator: –


The first thing people see about your blog is the title.


So, making an interesting blog title is very crucial.


It’s not easy to think of great blog content ideas every day. If you are facing the same issue, the title generator can help you get interesting titles daily.




  1. Potent: –


Do you want to write a creative blog but stuck?


Don’t know what to write about?


Potent’s blog title generator can help you with various attractive titles that you can use for your blogs.



  1. Hubspot blog ideas generator: –


This is a great tool for getting your title a new look.


Do you have a good blog title your blog can get more views than the other one?


You, what are you waiting for?



Social Media Analytics Tools: –

  1. Google Analytics: –


Analyzing your website is part of your website, and it should not be avoided by any means that’s understood, but the issue is what to do when we want to know which of our websites traffic is coming from social media?


Google analytics has a full option that gives you an idea of which social media channel drives the most traffic and which of those channels needs improvements.



  1. Facebook Analytics: –


Everyone now has a Facebook page, but very few know the analytics part.


Facebook analytics can help you identify your audiences, such as male percentage and female. Also, Facebook and Instagram page reach can be seen on the analytics tab.




  1. Twitter Analytics: –


Twitter analytics is interesting. It can give you a clear insight into your top tweets, promoted tweets, and replies.


It can also give you clear data about the replies, engagement, and rate of engagement.




Social media Scheduling Tools: –

  1. Hootsuite


If you have multiple clients or have many pages of your own blog, you know how hard it is to manage and post these channels.


Hootsuite can help you overcome that fear.


No need to go to Facebook analytics or other analytics to use Hootsuite to get all your reports.


It has a free option and paid plans too.


On the free account, you can use 3 accounts, and paid plans start from 19 USD.


  1. Buffer


It has paid features starting from 35 USD.


This can help you get to know your social engagement and analyze your social media traffic and engagements.


If you want a tool that can your time in scheduling your client’s social media posts, then the buffer is the tool for your business.


  1. Sprout Social



Starting plan of sprout social 99 USD.


It can help in scheduling, analyzing social media channels.



Conclusion: –


Having a clear social media strategy for your business is a must and should not be avoided.


Many of us find it difficult to get a clear idea of how we should work towards our digital strategy.


The tools that I suggested can help you in getting started with your digital strategy.