10 marketing blogs to learn digital marketing in 2021

10 marketing blogs to learn digital marketing in 2021


Now more than ever, we need to transform our business digitally.

Due to Covid19 offline businesses have struggled a lot because they were not ready to go online. It’s not just about businesses whose nature is offline but also information technology companies suffered.

So, why do you think that is?

This all happened because we now want everything readily available at our homes and do not want to go to shops and stores physically.

So, what is the issue?

Businesses struggled to realize that online businesses can be less costly and save a lot of money because they can reduce human resources.

For instance, for businesses that send a person to shops to sell their product, they will have to bear costs for car fuel, car drivers, and other similar expenses, and the main cost is time.

If we use online tools to promote our services and products, we can save time and money.


Let’s get to the main topic: ways to help you learn digital marketing and how you can earn from them.


  1. Search Engine Journal:




The search engine journal is one of the best blogs that I prefer due to its easy layout and webinars.


It offers webinars due to all its users; if you wish to learn from experts, this is the right platform to start.


Another reason I think you should start with is because of its free videos on YouTube. Do visit their channel to get insights on upcoming digital trends.


Also, their domain authority is 92, and worldwide traffic from Alexa is 10919.


  1. Moz Blog:


One of the best things about Moz is their tools, such as domain score and spam score for your website.


This can help us find out SEO issues on our websites, and then we can improve them by finding the problem that we had.


So, if you wish to learn digital branding or long strategies for your business, you can read their blogs and visit their YouTube channel to view their whiteboard Fridays.


Whiteboard Fridays are an amazing way to increase your digital knowledge and grow in your field.


Domain authority 67

Alexa traffic rank worldwide: 3381


  1. Neil Patel Blog:


This is not just a blog but a complete SEO suite.


From starting a blog to getting your website for Google, all of this is available on this website.


If you are new to digital marketing or SEO, don’t worry; visit this site and learn anything you wish to learn from scratch.


Videos are a great way to learn anything. That is why, in 2020, businesses, along with social media influencers, have started using videos.


Neil Patel has a YouTube channel for this purpose. Small videos are readily available to learn SEO and other digital marketing stuff.


Domain authority 63

Alexa traffic rank worldwide: 2326


  1. Convince & Convert:


One thing that is most important in every industry is content marketing. Without it, no industry can build a digital image.


Content can be in various forms in video or written form.


What do you wish to learn?


This website has characterized each industry separately, such as content, social media, and digital marketing.


Also, you can find free resources such as podcasts and weekly emails.


Domain authority 60

Alexa traffic rank worldwide: 23783


  1. Search Engine Land:


You will love the way they have categorized their website.



When you are starting as a fresh, it gets difficult to know where to begin.


In this blog, you can easily identify categories, and then you can start with the option you are most familiar with.


When you want to know which blog to learn from, do check their blog authority that helps you identify if it’s good or not.


Domain authority 70

Alexa traffic rank worldwide: 25144


  1. Backlinko:


Do you know what’s best about the blog?


You can get free tips; this can help, especially when you are new.


YouTube is the best way to learn anything for free. Backlinko has a channel that helps you learn anything in digital marketing and social media marketing.


Other than this, you can learn SEO in a simpler way than anyone else can teach you.


Domain authority 57

Alexa traffic rank worldwide: 16386


  1. Hubspot Blog:



Hubspot is one that you must try not just because of its blogs but also, they have Hubspot academy.


You can learn digital business building through blogs, but you won’t show your company any certificate of achievement; Hubspot academy can get you that.


Login to Hubspot academy, and then you can learn from free lectures and paid; it depends on what your need is.


How can we miss youtube?


Hubspot also has a YouTube channel that helps you learn marketing trends by investing in various marketing professionals.


Domain authority 69

Alexa traffic rank worldwide: 689


  1. Social Media Examiner:



How do you know of the data that you are seeing is accurate or not.


Obviously, through data.


The social media examiner shares a complete social media report that gives you a whole overview of how social channels performed and their audience likes or dislikes.


By seeing their data, we can update our social media strategies every year.


Secondly, they have webinars that you can register to learn directly from industry experts and improve your personal brand or business.


If you are still not satisfied, visit their YouTube channel to learn more about marketing trends.


Most importantly, the blogs that statistics based can give you a whole new way to give your brand an edge.


Domain authority 66

Alexa traffic rank worldwide: 11917


  1. Marketing Profs:


So, you are looking for professional training?


You are on the right blog!


Whether you are an individual or a corporation, you can get yourself registered on Marketing Profs and get the training you require by selecting your desired topic.


If you love to read the content, they have a great collection of social media, SEO, digital marketing, and content marketing blogs to help in the learning phase.


Also, you can get your learning through their podcast and their webinars.

Domain authority 44

Alexa traffic rank worldwide: 17664


  1. Social Media Today:


Last but not least, today’s social media offers live chats on Twitter for those who want to ask questions directly from social media experts who can join their chats.


Secondly, in their library section, you can find upcoming blogs as well as their industry reports.


Industry reports can help you improve your branding.


If you wish to attend an event to help you get more information about marketing and digital trends, these events can fulfil your need.


Domain authority 42

Alexa traffic rank worldwide: 12755


Conclusion: –

So, what’s the hold-up!

Digital business building is a huge need these days and can give your career a boost.

Keep these  things in mind if you are starting so that you don’t mess-up:

  1. Don’t start with everything otherwise, and you will end up doing nothing.
  2. Choose a single blog or YouTube channel that you can understand from and fully learn from that and then move towards next.
  3. Do focus on certifications; they can help you improve your credibility.
  4. Lastly, try to get in touch with a few experts that can teach you directly. This helps in learning a lot.

If you are worried about where to start, these blogs can give you a great start for free.

Whatever topic you choose to kick start your career, do not forget to follow these steps.

First, find out what is the topic that you find easy or interesting. The next step is to research a lot about that topic from these blogs by videos and written content.