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Bing Webmaster Tool-A step by step walk through


Creating a website is one thing and getting it to the top of the search engine another.

So, why are we not focusing on getting our site optimized?

In 2021 we need to be more conscious about our search performance because now almost every business has started promoting their business online, even those who were not convinced with getting online.

Let’s assume you have a website that is getting a lot of traffic from Google. Do you think traffic from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter should be ignored?

No, right?

In the same way, one should not avoid traffic from the Bing search engine.

Now that we know the importance of any search engine, let’s move towards our main topic: what the Bing webmaster tool is and what it does.

Do you know Bing counts for 30% of all the US traffic, as stated by 99firms?

Google search console and Bing webmaster tools usage is not so different, but on Bing, you have some extra options to help you learn more about your website, such as SEO options that can guide you about search engine performance clearly.

Some popular search engines: –

  1. Google
  2. Bing

Moreover, if you are unsure about how the Bing webmaster tool or search engine works, this blog can help you start.

Sign up: –


First, you need to create an account on the Bing webmaster tool.

After clicking sign in, you will be shown 3 options to sign up.

There are multiple options to create an account that you can use.

If you have an account on the Google search console, you can use the same account that way, and it will be easy for you to get started.


How can I submit my site?


Choose whatever method suits your needs, but after you have decided and finally you are logged in, your next step is to submit your sitemap to Bing search.

After clicking a sitemap on your left, you can use a button on your right (Submit sitemap).

By using that, you will be able to submit your sitemap easily.


It will take a few hours to fetch all your website’s data, and when you view all your reports on the Bing dashboard.


How Bing dashboard looks like: –


Now that you are signed in, this is how your dashboard will look like.

You can easily see how your website is doing by clicking on search performance and other important factors that will be explained in this blog.

Sometimes we are unsure if we have a robot.txt file on our website or not, then what?

No need to worry!

Just click get started on the robot.txt box, and you will be known if you have that file or not.


The new step is to know your website search appearance and relevant keywords that you can use to improve your search appearances.



Getting to know your search performances: –

I know we as marketers want to know how our website is doing on the Bing search engine and the errors we should work on.

So, let’s begin.

As you can see in the given graph, how many impressions my website got in the last 30 days and the clicks.

This report can help analyze how my website is doing on the search and what it needs to get ahead.

Secondly, you can see which keywords are ranking on Bing search and how many clicks they are getting.

I don’t think I need to stress anymore how important keywords are for SEO.

For those who are now and don’t know much, the first thing you search on Google to find anything is a keyword.

That’s how important a keyword is.

A question you may ask us what these keywords can do?

You can use these keywords to search long-tail variations for these keywords and add them to your blogs to get more visibility on the Bing search.


Another option that you see here is your website’s pages that are getting most of your traffic.

After getting to know your top-performing pages, you can thoroughly examine those and improve your other pages accordingly.


What if the URL is not on Bing Search?


After creating a blog, most of us want it to be added on Bing Google search the right way. This can help you analyze if your URL is on Google or not.

An interesting part of this is that it will provide you with SEO issues such as URL length, title tag or alt tag, etc.



Site explorer option?

This is a wonderful option provided by Bing.

In this option, you will get a whole report on how your website performs through graphical representation.

As you can see in the middle, there is a complete graph for crawl errors and URL inspection.

If you wish to download the whole report, you can click the download option on your right.

Secondly, if you wish to SEO issues of a particular URL, you need to click on them from the URLs below, and then it will redirect to the URL inspection page, where you will be able to all the reports.




URL Submission: –


On Google, we have a single tab for URL inspections and indexing.

Here, you have different tabs to submit your URLs right after you write a new blog.

But do remember you have a quota of a maximum of 10 URL’s a day.

For blogs or websites with more pages to submit in a day, they will have to wait for a day.


Search Engine Optimization: –


Backlinks report: –


This a great tool provided by Bing.


In this, you can see if someone is linking to your site or not.


Also, it provides you similar site data after you click a similar site; you can use a site that you think is your competitor and then generate a full report.

This will help you analyze your links and your competitor’s links.

Sometimes our website is getting links from fake sites.


These sites sometimes affect your rankings.

To avoid all these issues, you have to analyze your links first and see which links affect your SEO.

Once you know which of these links are not relevant or spam adds those links on disavow links tabs.


Keyword research report: –

Most of us are finding it difficult to find keywords.

True, isn’t it?

Bing webmaster tool has a solution for it.

For instance, I am writing a Bing search blog, and I will add a keyword such as the Bing webmaster tool. It will then provide me with various options along with keyword trend and their impressions.

Next step to find keywords.

It will provide you with long-tail and short-tail keywords both.

In the below image, you see question keywords. They are a long-tail option for keywords.

So, if you don’t know whether this keyword is in trend or not, no need to worry, it will provide you with that report too!


SEO report: –

So, your client wants a complete report of how their website is performing!

We can do that easily by using the SEO report option in Bing.

Just click the download option and share it with the prospect.


SEO scan: –

Sometimes we are facing an issue on our website and unable to understand that problem.

The site scan option will give a detailed report on the warnings and errors used to solve the issues.


Block URL’s: –

Maybe you have not heard of it, but sometimes people tend to spam your website to get ahead in the competition.

They link your website to fake sites, which can hurt your website in the long run.

So, what we can do to get rid of that issue is block them.

You can add that URL here to block that URL.

Conclusion: –

If you are planning not to use Bing for SEO, you are making a huge mistake.

Even though Google gets most of its traffic, but you cannot ignore the 30%.

I can give you an example of that; let’s say you have a website submitted to Google but not Bing.

Are you sure you will get 100% of traffic from Google? No… right?

That’s why we use social media channels and paid marketing methods to get traffic.

We also guest posts on other websites to make sure we are heard.

So why are we ignoring Bing then?

A big question mark.

Now it all depends on your evaluation.