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LinkedIn Ads: Basic guide to generating sales


LinkedIn is the only social platform that I think is best for B2B sales generation.

A business whose main focus is on B2B sales and does not focus on LinkedIn is making a huge mistake by missing a huge platform to help them in B2B sales.

According to LinkedIn 4, out of 5 members are decision-makers at their businesses.

So, if you want to increase your leads pipeline, don’t miss this opportunity.

Do you know LinkedIn is still a platform where you can grow your brand organically? LinkedIn ads are not being used that much till now. If you want to build your brand image or generate leads trying LinkedIn ads is the best choice.

There multiple ways to generate B2B sales, paid and unpaid. Most LinkedIn users go for unpaid methods, which are good for individuals.

Before going for paid ads, let me give you quick instructions on building your profile.

  1. Use creative covers
  2. Share videos daily, e.g., sales training videos, How-to videos, blogs, etc.
  3. Comments on posts.
  4. Like other posts.
  5. Interact/Connect with other like-minded businesses and people.

Let’s start creating a whole campaign that can help in generating sales for your business.

So, what’s the first step?

If you have gone through my previous blogs, I focus on knowing your goal.

Step 1: Knowing your audience

Before starting your ad, do some research on your audience, for instance, which companies relate to your business or people such as CEOs that you think are your potential lead.

Ads on LinkedIn allow the business to focus on personal profiles directly.


Step 2: Know your goal.

Know that we understand who we are going to focus on.

Our next step is to understand why we want to reach them.

Let’s take my blog as an example and create a sample ad to make thing more clear.

I want social media experts to read my blog and share it, which will lead to more traffic to my site…


Log in:

The first step is to log in to your LinkedIn ads to start building a beautiful campaign for your own business or clients.


Create add account:

After creating your LinkedIn add you have to create an ad account to get started.

When creating an ad account on LinkedIn, your need to add your name and your page.



Create a campaign group:

LinkedIn allows multiple campaign groups under one add account.

Creating multiple campaign groups can help businesses understand which campaign performs better and which ads need improvement.


Creating a new campaign group is not that difficult. You only need to add your status and the date and click save.


Create campaign:

Click the campaign group and create a new campaign.


If you want to change your campaign, you can change it and then click Next. After that, move to the next step.

Let’s start creating a lead ad to understand how you can generate leads through LinkedIn.

Before going further, let’s give you brief know-how of what these objectives are…



Brand awareness

If you are a new business and want to reach more people, brand awareness is the right choice.



Website Visits

Choosing website visits as your objective helps you gain more visits that can help you gain more sales.


Engagement-driven ads are more related to getting attention towards your posts or videos to getting more likes and shares.

Video Views

As we all know how video marketing can help a brand in closing more leads…

This can help you get more people to watch your video to get attention towards your brand in a more optimized way.




If you want to get leads through LinkedIn, a leads ad can help with that.

Website Conversions

In this campaign objective, you can get traffic to your website and then get leads. It will help you track your leads.

Job applications

We have a common misconception about LinkedIn that it only for jobs, but it’s not!!

But anyhow, getting a job application can be hectic.

If you want to get an application that you need, not some random applications, a job application is for the right fit.



Website Conversion:

Now let’s move to create a website conversion ad.


The LinkedIn audience’s selection option makes me happy!

It’s because I can select which degrees to target or form which field or profession to target.

By clicking the audiences tab, you will be able to select whatever field you wish to target.


If you wish to narrow down your audience, you can further select these options.

Retargeting can be a good option for those who already have an audience and want them to engage with their business again. This can help them get more engaged, and then you can close more deals.

Selecting ad format:


Single image ad:

It allows users to add a single image to their advertisement.

Carousel ad:

You can use multiple images that can help them better in their decision-making process.

Video ad:

You can promote a video in this ad type.

Text Ad:

Text ads are shown on the right side of the page.

Message Ad:

Text ads are customized and are directly sent to the inbox.


Select your budget:

We are almost there, isn’t it exciting!

Choose your budget minimum lifetime budget on LinkedIn is $320 and the daily budget limit is $10.



Conversion tracking:

Ads without tracking! No, I don’t think it’s worth it.

To track your ads, click the conversions option.

After that, fill out the format and click create.



Create your ad:

You have two options to create an ad on LinkedIn. One is to create a new ad. That’s also a good way to create an ad, but if you ask me, using your already made designs is an easy way if you don’t want to waste your time on creating a new design.

After choosing your post, click next, and we are almost done!

The final step is to review your setting for the last time and launch your campaign.



LinkedIn has been a beneficial tool for generating B2B sales for many businesses.

So, why are you not on LinkedIn?

I would really suggest using LinkedIn if your business is focused on business to business sales.

Especially after COVID19, everything is changed, such as business methodologies & sales.

We need to rethink our marketing and sales strategies and explore more avenues to bring more sales online than old methodologies.