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10 Chrome Extensions: You must Have for SEO

You may have heard of many Search Engine Optimization tools that can help you grow your search rankings.

However, you may ignore the Chrome extensions that can help you directly analyze your web performance without logging into your website.

Below are the 10 chrome extensions you must have for doing better on Google Search Results:

  1. Alexa Rank
  2. UberSuggest
  3. Moz Bar
  4. SEO Quack
  5. Similar Web
  6. Tub Buddy
  7. Link Research Toolbar
  8. Woo Rank
  9. Majestic SEO
  10. Check My Links


Using these chrome extensions is not difficult, and everyone can easily learn and improve their search performance.


  1. Alexa Rank:


The first one is the Alexa Rank. This Chrome extension lets you know how your website is doing in your home country, as well as all over the world – how good is that?’

As you can see, our Traffic Rank overall in the world and my local hometown. Also,  Alexa rank can provide you links connected to your site and sites that are similar, and by seeing them, you can further improve your web presence.


  1. UberSuggest:


I have been explaining a lot about UberSuggest in my previous blogs to get into that much detail. This extension will guide you on how many social shares you are also having, what is your domain ranking is.


  1. Moz Bar:


Moz Bar is one of the best tools that I have used. The reason behind this is that it can help you know your Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Domain Authority depends on how many backlinks you have along with how many social shares your websites have.


Many other factors count when identifying DA and PA.


  1. SEO Quack:


After you are done installing SEO Quack on Chrome, you need to open up your site and check your Backlinks and other relevant variables.


This is how Marketing Habs SEO Quack’s Dashboard Looks like.



  1. Similar Web:


As you all can see what Similar Web Provides when you install its Chrome extension. The information that we get after installing Similar Web’s Chrome Extension is as under but for instance, and this is not enough; one can also click more insights and get all the details required.

For Instance, you can find where the traffic is coming from and then improve your site’s search traffic accordingly.


  1. Tub Buddy:


Now you all will be wondering why Tub Buddy is added here?


The advantages of Video Marketing in SEO is not a hidden thing. That’s why never ignore video marketing when going for SEO.


If you want to rank better for Videos on YouTube, TubeBuddy is your Buddy!


Please find out the keywords that your competitors rank for and then add them or use Similar Keywords.


You can Also, Visit my YouTube Channel for More details.


  1. Link Research Toolbar:


“Link Research Tool” is best for finding backlinks, Keywords, and trust-flows of your competitors by just entering their site on Google.


  1. Woo Rank:


Woo Rank over ranks your Website out of 100 based on your site’s web performance, such as your Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Image optimization, etc.


  1. Majestic SEO:


As the name says, it’s magic. This tool really helps in knowing your website backlinks as well as Anchor Text and On-Page Links.



  1. Check My Links:


I know we all sometimes get worried about if your website’s links are working correctly or not. Don’t be Check my Links is a great tool that crawls around your website and gives you a full report on how your links are doing.


If there are errors, you can have a look at the report and correct them easily.