Content Marketing: A Beginners Guide (2020)


Have you heard?

Are you struggling to get attention towards your brand?

Content marketing can help you build your brand awareness, and that can lead to sales.

It helps you connect with relevant business and build meaningful relations.

Before starting content marketing, you need the basics of content marketing and the things you can do to improve your content marketing game.

This shows how important is content marketing and why we should include content as a must.

Another important survey showed content marketing costs 62% less than old marketing methods and produces 3 times more leads.

In this blog, we will guide you on how you can learn content marketing are the key points that you can learn to increase your content marketing game.

Benefits of content marketing:

  1. Increase your brand awareness.
  2. Establish trust among users.
  3. Increases your chance of closing leads.
  4. Increases your social media shares.

What will you learn in this blog?

  1. What is a blog?
  2. Importance of content marketing.
  3. Steps to writing a blog post.
  4. Tools to help you up to your content marketing game.


Blog post: –

Often we are guided about a blog post. Content marketing does not mean writing 500 words articles. It can be in a video form, organizing your own podcast, or going to another video podcast.

Also, the world stream says, marketers who use video profit 49% more than non-video users.


Importance of content marketing: –

Content marketing can instantly help businesses grow their brand image instantly as users tend to read their blogs rather than believing in a traditional marketing method.

But we have been misguided about content. You don’t need to only focus on writing long-form blogs but do start working on video marketing. As of now, users tend to watch a video rather than read content.

Some popular content types: –

  1. Video marketing (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).
  2. Podcasts
  3. Blog Posts.
  4. E-books
  5. Audio recordings.
  6. Checklists
  7. Downloadable templates.


These are some types of content that can create to build hype about your brand.

If you are a new brand doing all of these might not be an efficient way but start by doing a few, including small videos, because that’s not what you should miss even at the start.


What are the steps to write a blog post?


  1. Understand your niche: –


Research is fundamental where you go, whatever you do. That’s why, before starting a blog, you should have a clear understanding of who is your optimal user? Do you want social media lovers to read your blog or agencies? Specify that in your own mind, and then begin creating a blog site or a blog post.


Some important niches:

  1. Sports
  2. Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. SEO
  5. Sales
  6. Food

These might not include what you have in your mind, but they can help you kick start the main idea.

If you are new to all of this, some tools might help you get started:


The keyword tools can help you find out some relevant keywords that people are searching for.

Find out what they are searching for on the internet. Then the second step is to know your own specialities. Don’t start with the content type you are not aware of. After you have gained a lot of traction, then you can start about other niches as well.


  • Answer the public


I have explained long-tail keywords a lot in my previous blogs so let’s get to the point. These tools can help you in finding a long-form question that people on the internet are searching for.



  1. Create a headline that converts: –


The headline is the first thing that the user will see if that’s not worth reading; why should the user read your full blog.


Try focusing on your Headline. It should include an emotional part in it too.


For instance, “Don’t miss the 6th points. It will shock you,” but do keep in mind if that 6th point is not shocking enough user might bounce back, and that’s not good keeping promises is very important in business.

I know it’s not that easy to create appealing headlines for everyone. Even those who are good at writing good headlines, they can also get frustrated sometimes.


If you are one of them, these are tools that can help you eliminate that frustration.




After you have created a headline, you should also work on the readability. There is a tool out there that can help you in finding out if your headline is good or not.


  1. Add images: –


Adding images on your blog helps a user read more because, without images, it gets boring, leading to an increase in bounce rate.


As you can see, I have added an image to my blog too.


  1. Use tweetable content: –


Now users don’t read the full article because no one has time to read 5000 words article, so what they do find out the main points in that blog and remember those or share them with their connections.


As you can, I have also created tweetable links to share.


You can try finding out what you want readers to share and then create a tweetable link.




Use this tool to create a tweetable link on your blog. This will help you increase your blog share, and that will lead to more users.


  1. Add infographics: –


Infographics are the most effective way of getting users’ attention.

Do you why?

Because in an infographic, users can get a bunch of information without reading the whole blog.

Also, it shows stats that can be remembered easily.


  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): –


Search engine optimization is an essential part; don’t miss that.


Don’t miss adding keywords to your blog.


Some of you might think, how can we add keywords to the blog? That’s not a problem.


Research long-tail keywords through these tools:





After you are done, find keywords that match your topic; try adding that in a way that it doesn’t seem like you are doing it for SEO purposes.


      7. Add short paragraphs: –

Previously content writers thought adding large paragraphs seems more authentic and professional, but users don’t read lengthy paragraphs as user behaviour changes.

To cope with the user’s behaviour content, creators need to understand the shift and change accordingly.

Try writing 2 or 3 lines max in a paragraph so that users can show interest in your blog.

      8. Tools to help you up to your content marketing game: –

These are some extra tools that can help you increase your blog traffic.

Increasing blog traffic will help you gain more leads than those who don’t get much traffic on their blog.



Buzz sumo can help you find out blogs that are most search and research on social channels.

This can help find the blog topic that you can also write on but do keep in mind wrote a better blog; otherwise, you won’t get any traffic.



Uber can help you find the best keywords and the blogs that are most shared on the internet.


You might ask why do we need to know about social shares. Social media shares can help us in analyzing what content is loved by the user.


We are writing content for the user. What good is our content if the user doesn’t read it? So, to find out what users mostly like, this tool is beneficial.



Sometimes it hard to get ideas for headlines, but no need to be worried potent’s idea generator can help generate creative blog ideas for you.



As we all know, Quora is a Q&A site. It can help in researching what are the problems out there and what needs to be solved.


  • Google Auto Suggestions: –


This is not a tool, but in general, you now see questions in the middle and at the end of the page whenever you search on google.


If you want to know the questions that a user is asking for, add in a keyword on Google, and then Google will show you what most search about that topic is.

Conclusion: –

Content marketing might seem a difficult thing to get your hands in. It does seem like in the beginning, but it’s not!

Learning is a state of mind. If you are willing to learn, you can learn and unlearn anything.

If your business is new to content marketing and does not know how to start, go through these simple steps, along with the tools that I have mentioned above. This will help you learn or your employees too.

For those who are social media managers or have their own business, this is a great way to start your business. If you think content marketing is expensive, you are wrong. In my blog, I have mentioned some stats that prove how cheap content marketing is compared to traditional marketing methods.

Don’t waste your time thinking about start learning.

Some blogs can also help you learn a lot about content marketing and digital marketing.

  1. Content Marketing Institute
  2. SEO Journal
  3. Social Media Examiner
  4. Copy blogger
  5. Convince and Convert

If you are still confused about it, comment below. Our team will try to solve your issue.