Finding your Prospects email address in Seconds

Finding your Prospects email address in Seconds


Finding new clients was never that easy, but as a matter of fact, it is a difficult task for every sales team to find a prospect that counts.

Sales without proper research is a waste of time, and salespeople should not even consider it.

Let me give you a proper example of this. Let’s say I am a salesperson that goes out and randomly knocks on doors to find clients talk to potential clients at networking events without even knowing what their business is?

This can waste your entire day, and everyone knows the value of time….

So the question we need to answer here is what can be done to reduce our time and money to bring in more prospects without wasting our time and money on randomly talking to people on calling, networking events, etc.?

Do you know email marketing has a more than  16% open rate?

Almost every person in the world has it, and every business uses emails to communicate.

So, why not use it for contacting our potential clients.

That is not possible without research. Every salesperson first needs to identify why they need that client, their weakness, strengths, which will lead to agency opportunities. After all this, they finally need to know what actions an agency can take after getting the client’s attention.

Now without wasting your time, let’s get to our main topic.

Sales team or business manager/Owners often feel frustrated because they don’t know how to reach their clients…..

Guess what! We have a solution for you.

These are some tools that will help you identify clients’ emails and contact numbers and help you build a contact list to be used in the future. is a free tool that provides you with businesses’ email addresses by entering the web address.

First, sign up for using your official email address and then enter the domain you want to search for…


After getting your email list, you can also verify if it’s working or not.

It also has a chrome extension that you can use easily by clicking the plugin on the website you want email addresses… is similar to and almost has the same feature but depends on what agency/business needs.

Initially, you need to sign up for using the official email address and then open the website whose email addresses you are looking for.

Similarly, also offers a chrome extension that can be used for websites directly without logging in every time on the website.


Signal Hire:

Signal Hire is a great platform if you are also looking for contact numbers along with business email addresses.

Signal Hire only allows 5 emails on a free account per month. If you want more contact, email, paid options are also available.

It allows 2 options to find a potential candidate. You can log in to your LinkedIn account, open up a profile that you want to find the contact of and click signal hire chrome extension, and click reveal contacts. It will then lead you to its dashboard, where you can see all the contact details of that particular person.



Secondly, you can also add an email or contact number of a person, and signal hire will search the web and give the results accordingly.


People Finder:

People Finder is an easy-to-use email and contact number provider tool that allows you to enter the person’s name, company name, or location. Then it simply provides you with all the information that is available for that person.

Get Prospects:

Get prospects is another tool to find emails of your prospects.

This tool can be used directly on the website or through LinkedIn profiles.

Get prospect allows you to add a chrome extension that can be used on the website and LinkedIn.



Aero leads are a great tool that provides in-depth data on your prospect.

The first step is to install a chrome extension for aero leads and then click on any LinkedIn profile you want contact details.




Find that lead is a great tool that helps the sales team find relevant emails and the prospect’s contact numbers.

Also, it only allows 50 free credits, and then you need to pay for further use.

Install Find that leads extension on chrome and then clicks on the website you need contact details of.



Pipi leads are a little different from other tools. It allows you to find personal emails associated with LinkedIn profiles to help you get in touch with the persons not having professional emails.

First, signup for pipileads using your official email address and then install the chrome extension.

After you open up a profile of your potential client, it will provide you with their personal and professional email address, and then it can be used to contact them.

After getting the potential client’s email addresses, you can save them and build a list, which can be used for email clients and in touch with them in the future.


Adapt Prospector:

Adapt prospector is a tool to find clients from any website or LinkedIn profile.

Step 1 is to signup using a professional email and then install a chrome extension to get started.

Now let’s open up a profile and show you how it works.

It didn’t show any information because this profile doesn’t have it.

You can also try opening up any website and click the chrome extension, and you can easily find email addresses and contact numbers that you require.

For a free account, you are only allowed to get 100 contacts, and then they have paid options.

I have tried to explain how to use these tools in detail, but do comment below if you want to know more.

The sales team needs to understand how to email and what format can be used to email a client.

There multiple ways to do that, and they are straightforward. In my future blogs, I will try to explain some email samples you can use to send emails to your prospects.