LinkedIn marketing strategies for B2B lead generation in 2020

LinkedIn marketing strategies for B2B lead generation in 2020


Are you a salesperson?

It’s hard to close deals digitally. Because there is a lot of competition out there…

That’s what I thought, too… but with the right strategies, it is possible to get the right amount of attention towards your brand, and then it will lead to sales.

As far as I know, sales and business development teams often get frustrated about closing more deals with clients.

If that’s the case, I will try to explain how they can overcome that and the things you are missing.


In my previous blog, I tried to explain the importance of email marketing to find your prospect’s email addresses.

Email addresses and contact numbers are critical in the lead generation process.

Even if you are connected with many professionals and don’t have their email or contact number, how do you think you can move forward?


It’s not possible; you need to take a step ahead to generate leads.

As we all know, this a huge market, and you cannot just go to people and try to convince them to buy your product or service.

It’s not possible even if you focus on a specific niche; I don’t recommend doing that.

Let me explain why?


For instance, you are a wholesale store in the USA, and you have an option to sell online and reach millions of consumers. On the other hand, you can sell in your local city by opening up a wholesale store and advertising traditionally like billboards, which are not targeted?

If I was this guy, I will go online and earn more at cheaper rates….

So, now moving towards our main topic, why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has played an important role in B2b business growth.

Do you know 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn? That’s where the opportunity is!


Before getting started on LinkedIn, do you keep in mind the audience you are looking for?

After you know your audience, you can start building your strategy to promote your business on LinkedIn.

You may ask what type of content performs better on LinkedIn after researching top-performing content on LinkedIn, which of those options can perform better for your audience & how you can spread it across the LinkedIn channel.

The following are the strategies that you can implement on your LinkedIn profile to prove your public outreach.

Step 1: Connect with relevant people.


Our first step to start getting more leads for our business on LinkedIn is to connect with people relevant to your industries or the people that are your potential clients.

Many marketers already have their connections. Try to connect with them first to kick start your LinkedIn profile.


How you can properly build your LinkedIn profile to get noticed is a different topic that I will cover in my upcoming blogs.

Step 2: Follow LinkedIn Pages:

I know the following LinkedIn pages seem too obvious, and you might be thinking, what’s new!

This is not what I meant by the following pages.

By following pages, I mean to research your potential clients to know what their business does & how they are using LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

Find out their week points that you can talk about as an advantage.

You never openly discuss the client’s weakness and what you need to know what things need to be improved.

After you know the key points you can take to close a deal with them, try connecting with them.

How can you connect with your prospect?

I wrote a blog earlier in which I explained the tools you can use to find business email addresses or contact numbers to reach them.

After finding their email address, try to pitch your idea by emailing them your proposal.

Before you email them, do find out emailing techniques and samples so that you don’t mess-up.



Step 3: Comment on posts:

This a step I also realized too late but this matters.


Building connections and spreading the word that you exist in the market is not that, especially when you are new in the market or don’t have that budget.

Below is an example of a comment that I made on a post.


What this does is people start to know you and your business.

This way, your business will get more visibility, and it will be easy for you to generate leads compared to just going traditional in generating sales.

Step 4: Join LinkedIn Groups:

This is a step that I will focus more on.

I don’t know about others, but I found this more helpful than others.

Do you know why?

LinkedIn groups or any other groups have people that are really interested and relevant to the industry.

So, if you are an advertisement or consulting agency, you can find out what groups are out there that are related to your need and join them.

What it does is after you have joined, don’t just post your blog to like other blogs if you like them and comment on them to build relations.

I focus more on commenting on posts as we all know building links is essential for building relationships.


Step 5: LinkedIn personal messages:

Last but not least, messaging on LinkedIn is a proven way to close your deals.

Most marketers face trying to be so formal in their messaging that people talk about a sales pitch and ignore your message.

When people send me a message on LinkedIn with a long-length sales message, buy this and that…… I also get frustrated with too many messages.

Try to connect with them as a friend, not too casual!! But say hi….

Try to know their business what they do. Listening is an art that most people don’t do.

If you listen to them and understand what they have to say….. maybe in the longer-term, they can be your business partner.

But on the other side, if you try to send them big formal emails with too much of your business information, not theirs, I don’t think they will be interested.

You, as a marketer, need to tell them about their interest, so they listen.




I know it’s hard to get your brand on the top digitally, as we have many businesses out there.

But it’s not the end of the world. With the right content marketing strategy, it is still possible to reach an appropriate audience.

But before you even think of building your brand and getting leads digitally, don’t forget where you want to stand.

What is your core because? If you don’t know who you are, you will be hitting your head on the wall……

Never do such things as it will only make you frustrated, and you may also lose a lot of money trying to do that.

Keep in mind in mind your unique selling point build your strategy around that.

Also, build a pool of connections that can help you build your circle.

Most importantly, use LinkedIn paid ads.

LinkedIn paid ads are similar to Facebook ads, but for B2B lead generation, LinkedIn has a high rate of conversion.

LinkedIn ads are expensive than others but will eventually provide you with far appropriate leads.

By appropriate leads, I mean that these leads will matter compared to others because LinkedIn is trustworthy by 70% of professionals.

I will try to explain LinkedIn ads in detail in my upcoming blogs.