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Video Marketing Made Easy: A complete strategy



Video marketing has recently grown at its peak, and now marketers are starting to realize they need videos in marketing.

Therefore, we all should know what we need to do and how to get ourselves heard using videos in the brand-building approach.

So, what is the strategy that we can use to boost our image and increase our lead pool?

These are all the questions that you should ask before using videos as a marketing tool.

It’s not as easy as we think to start using videos because you need a proper team familiar with the tools and techniques needed to record and edit videos.

In this blog, I will thoroughly explain what needs to be done to get yourself ready.

81 percent of businesses are using video for marketing, according to HubSpot.

Why you should opt for video for marketing: –

  • Easy to understand.
  • Clear voice tone.
  • Direct connection with clients.
  • Video has a greater ROI.
  • Easy to make buying decisions.

Importance of video marketing: –

AS of 2020, we have seen almost every brand going for videos for promoting their brands, whether they are B2B or B2C.

Why do you think they are doing it?

When someone sees a video about the product you are selling, it’s easy to understand what it’s about, and secondly, it takes less time than reading a whole blog.

I’m not saying blogs are not used anymore, but the video is taking over now.

Another advantage of video marketing is that it shows your organizational culture to the viewers, leading to hiring quality employees.

Type of Videos that we need to upload: –

That is the most asked question that needed to be answered.

You can upload any video that you want; it all depends on your goal, so; define why you want to create a video.

These are some popular types of video marketing that can be helpful for your brand,

  1. Podcast:

Podcasts are a great way of interacting with your audience directly. This can lead to more leads and brand awareness.

It does not mean you have to create your own podcast. You can also be a guest on other podcasts, leading to an increase in traffic to your own brand.


  1. Webinar:

Many salespersons face difficulties in finding new clients. Webinars can help you get over that issue.


When people signup for the webinar, they give you their emails and contact numbers, leading to more sales.


  1. Corporate culture:

Building a great culture is essential for getting talented people on board. But how do you think we can do that?


First, you need to tell people about your organizational culture, and videos are a great way of doing that.


  1. Explainer videos:


If you have products, then explainer videos can help you gain more attraction and get more sales.


  1. Backstage videos:

We don’t need to upload office-related videos all the time. Sometimes uploading fun videos can be helpful as well.


People get bored by seeing the same boring company video, so upload funny behind the scene clips.




  1. Company introductory videos:


What good is your brand strategy if they don’t know what you sell?


So creating videos like these can help them know what you are all about.


Company videos include services that you offer or a general overview of your brand.


  1. Going Live:


Live is a new trend.


Going live can help you connect with your audience directly. They can also ask questions that improve your brand credibility.


  1. Q&A Sessions:


It is not new, but in 2020, Q&As are gone wild.


People who want to connect with brands ask questions that are needed to be answered.


This creates brand trust and brand loyalty.


You can use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube for going live.


Getting started with your first video?


Here is a simple guide on what things you need to keep in mind to get yourself ready:




Research your goal: –

Maybe you have all the resources to record, edit, and upload a video, but you won’t get far if you don’t know your end goal.

Some common goals could be like improving brand image, getting more leads.

Find out what you want to achieve, and then get started.


Audience research: –

Having a clear insight into what your audience looks like is a must.

Factors that you need to keep in mind are as follow:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Location
  4. Income


Conclusion: –

Brands should no longer ignore video marketing because, according to Hubspot, 88% of video marketers say videos give positive ROI, so why have we not started.


There are many channels out there that can be used for video marketing, such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It all depends on your goal and your niche.

Facebook and Instagram are good for B2C, and LinkedIn and Twitter are best for B2B. YouTube is for both.